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Learn to Manage Pain

Each and every individual suffer from pain. And your life depends on how you deal with it.


Pain is inevitable. Have you known with you rich or poor you can’t avoid pain. Doesn’t matter how old you are or how many cars you’ve got, eventually you will have pain.

We cannot escape pain but in return we can learn how to manage it. Because pain is inevitable but misery is actual when life gets on top of you and you feel like it’s all becoming too much.

How to manage pain

It’s easy to let things spiral out of control that place, where you feel like the weight of the world, is on your shoulders. Things don’t go your way. That promotion at work you don’t get, you don’t like the team, your business is struggling, the bills are piling up but the easy thing to do is just to roll over to lie there.

And let the life treat you like a little bitch to hold your hands up and say this is just a way life is. This is just what happens to me. These moments in life are always going to be there. Don’t think for one second there comes a stage in your life where this doesn’t happen. But what you’ve got to start to do is to take back control of your life.

everyone suffer pain, pain, learn to manage your pain
Pain is inevitable

Stop being evicted, stop letting life push you around and start fighting back because the minute you tell yourself that you can control it is the minute you can start to change it. It all starts the moment you take responsibility and say to yourself “I can make out this life. Whatever I want, no one and nothing is gonna shape my destiny but me.

You say you can’t beat me I’m too strong.” It ain’t gonna be easy most of the time you’re gonna feel like there’s no way out. And that you can’t do it. But listen to me when I say there is always hope but you have to take control and attack it head-on. Because as soon as you do this just once, just like a muscle lifting weights.

You become stronger, you become comfortable being uncomfortable and before you know it you become an untouchable. All that external push on a daily basis pops up to kick you in the teeth. You become a machine and nothing on the outside can affect you because your minds trying to beat it down.

Never run always fight the rewards in life. Don’t always go to the biggest or the bravest, cleverest the rewards. Determine the tenacious, those who get back on their feet they get up again and again. The rewards go to those who understand means to never give up.

How to use pain

I’ve never been one to set realistic goals. I’ve always wanted the best. I’ve always wanted to be the best and I’ve always continued to put the work behind that.

But I want you guys to realize that when people tell you to set realistic and obtainable goals. I truly believe those people without maybe realizing it, are insulting you.

Because they don’t think that your fragile little ego can take the heartache of disappointment. And the truth is guys, the reason I say huge goals isn’t just because I think I can accomplish them. It’s because I know that if I don’t accomplish them those unrealized expectations hurt. The disappointment that you feel when you set massive goals and don’t hit them is a great thing.

All right you guys have to understand that pain teaches. Also when you feel pain it should not be something that you while in and that you cry about. Maybe you cry about it for today okay that’s acceptable. But the point is that when you have something that doesn’t go the way that you want, that is a trigger for you.

Learn to manage pain, pain, use your pain
Use your pain for your betterment

A trigger to go out create a situation where it is impossible for you to not get what you want. And that’s the difference between people who succeed and people who don’t. Even People who succeed understand that pain teaches them to level the GUP.

They don’t whine and cry and picture by house. Shit’s unfair dude! I could just as easily be a 39 year old man crying about the girl that broke my heart when I was 17. Like most people do but what did I do and you could say this is Patti, you could say it’s whatever, but I operate from the dark side motherfuckers.

And that means when people do wrong to me, I make sure that I not only do what it is that they don’t believe in me for but that I rub it in their face later on in life. I was not a motivated high school student. I was not a super achiever in school.

I wasn’t voted most likely to succeed. But that experience for me caused enough pain to kick me in the ass and say you know what I’m gonna fuck to shove it down that just broke. And you know what that’s what I did and that one instance probably carried me for the first three or four years of our business.

Three or four years I was able to think back and be like dude. I’m gonna show her. I’m gonna this and also I’m into that and you could say ‘oh well!’ that’sinsecurity. If you were sick, you know what I’m glad I was insecure.

I’m glad I was in that situation because I take the pain and I put it into productive action. I take every negative thing that someone says to me about me or whatever it is they believe or don’t believe about me and I use it to go out and do shit.


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