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Learn to Love yourself

Learn to love yourself,words of Dr.Bruce Harold Lipton

Listen by Dr Bruce Lipton

As an observer of the world, I have to acknowledge that, where I’m sitting right now. I am observing the world that we all imagine that can be a world of harmony, community and individual sharing and individuals being in love.

I just really would like to say that this was not my life when I started out on all this adventure. Like all of us we have programs, I had a program to be successful. So I went out to become successful, so I worked and when things didn’t work right ideally, it provoked a lot of anger in me. Because it’s like oh! Keep working at it and try and bend the world and make it fit and all that kind of stuff

As I mentioned in my talk it was in this part of my life where the spirit,
spirituality had no relevance. I was a doer I’m going out there to do something program to go find that so-called success.

It was through the teachings of the most profound teachers I ever sat
before to have the opportunity to learn the lessons that were so magnificent. That I can’t fully put him in the words and who were those teachers? They were the cells that I was working on in a petri dish talking to them. Watching them day by day seeing how they live and then opening to the message, and the message that I got from them was a twofold number.

One they showed me from my point of view and my reference to life that there was something called spirituality that I didn’t know existed. And the moment I saw the mechanics of how a signal from the universe comes into my body suit my virtual reality suit and was running this there was this instant of recognition as that oh my god I can’t die.

Not even here, that concept of immortality was one of the first and
most important lessons I had because all of us when we grew up as children, there was a point of learning that people died and that you are people and that you will do so yourself and your parents will die and your friends and loved ones will also die.

And we got so caught up in that the moment of reality that I couldn’t die was the most uplifting experience I could ever imagine. Because of the fear that we are programmed with that, you may not say everyday oh I’m afraid of dying. You don’t have to say it it’s built into your subconscious it’s running your life every movement you make, every action you
take. There’s something in your mind it says how’s this gonna affect my life? Am I gonna threaten my life by doing this?

I saw another person gonna threaten my life and we get into that so for me the truest knowledge I got was not a devotion to spirit. It was an only of
spirit it was owning it without saying I think it’s this way I owned it and the moment I owned it a weight that I ever knew I was even carrying around disappeared because I became free for the first time to recognize I’m here for something other than my life.

The cells also taught me what I mentioned briefly the other day the next important fact one you put the two together and that is that we have been programmed in this world not to love ourselves. We’ve been programmed to be criticized we have parents who criticized us we have teachers who criticize us we have people all around that criticizes.

So what does that mean every action you take there’s something back there the program of critical criticism that says are you doing it right or doing it right and then you live by this criticism when you learn that you’re a part of spirit as real and you realize you’re a part of everything that is you’re a part of if you want to say, god.

God how can it be critical of God and all of a sudden I started to realize I cannot lead my life in that critical nature. I’m gonna own Who I am I’m a spirit that has come to this planet to experience and to create and to manifest heaven on earth.

I have now two lives I have previous learning life struggle anger control trying to fix everything and I have post experience a calmness an understanding that it’s all driven by love even if other people can’t see through their filter of criticism you’re still driven by love.

Every one of you is a piece of all that is every one of you and if that
critical mind comes up and says not good enough in any sense there’s a point where you have to stand back and say that’s not me, I am more than the program. And when you let go of that problem of self-criticism you learn and experience or the first time in your life self-love.

Why is this important because as I’ve learned through years I could not love the people around me until I could learn to love myself. It was always simple was the joke in my head somebody says they love me and I go what kind of quality control of these people have. I can’t love me how can they
love me and I would reject and push away the love because I couldn’t own it to accept it.

Also, if I could leave one message behind about love is that you are loved you are a peace of God that came here to create the most beautiful thing in the universe planet Earth.

As we go outside and see nature and the glory of this planet that’s why we can understand how beings from other places are if anything jealous not to come here to share in this beauty. So if I could just leave you with this understanding, you came here to create heaven other people took away your power by programming you to criticize yourself on who you are.

Because then your creative abilities will come forth and guess what I found out I didn’t have to go out and make it happen. I didn’t have to go out and beat the world to find success to bring it in. I just walked out in love and it all came to me and so recognizing that was a choice.

There’s the choice to say; Do I want to be the filter or do I want to be me, and when you start to recognize me as not just this isolated thing but for me as every one of you joining together as one collective all, that is the glory of life on this planet cannot be built by anything else in the universe than what you can do here.

You are creators own your creativity, own your spirit. It’s not words, it’s not devotion it’s true knowledge. You are spiritual and that it’s the opening of life. Because when you are spiritual then you recognize that everything else is spiritual. The indigenous people, the world, live that way, they lived in a garden, they maintained a garden, they lived in that peace and we need to bring it back.

You represent the community the seed that spreads that vibration through the world. It’s all of you we are mirrors to reflect who you are. I just wanted to share that because I’m just sharing you with me and that’s who you are and that’s why my life is beautiful because I’m with you.

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