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5G Radiation Dangers

Learn everything you need to know about the 5G effects on body

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Technology is growing day by day.

As older we get older, the world of technology gets more advanced.

Sounds good, right?

But the problem is as it gets more advanced this is becoming more harmful.

Let’s talk about how the generation of technology and how does it harm a human body.

We are an electromagnetic electrical organism, we are an antenna. Our DNA works as a transmitter of information.

The technology works on radio frequency radiation and, as I mention our body is an antenna it receives that frequencies.

And those frequency  produced by 5G effects on body.

5G radiation dangers can include skin problems, cell damage, brain tumor, e.t.c

5G is a Military Weapon

Many of us do not know about this but since a long time military is using 5G as a weapon.

Because of radio frequency radiation, they are harming their opponents, they are harming citizens in their area and they even are harming themselves.

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5G can be used to manipulate people


Some time ago, a group of scientists, doctors, environmental organizers, and concerned citizens got together and, they called for the urgent stop to the deployment of 5G.

They said that 5G contained health risks

5G is a weapon used by the military. Do you know these 5G millimeter-wave technologies are used to scatter crowds? They drive up in this technology when they want to scatter a cloud and they put out these frequencies in a much higher power than 5G will be started with us but the same frequencies and people scatter because they get the feeling their skin is on fire.

The human body including the skin is an antenna, it interacts with frequencies and it receives and transmits information at the cutting edge of understanding of DNA. Scientists know that DNA is a receiver-transmitter of information.

I have to tell people 5g story it’s bigger than the Holocaust.

It’s bigger than anything you’ve ever done. 5G, this weapon down every stream all over the world. What we’re concerned about 5g is that it’s gonna require a transmitter about every three to ten homes. A small cell tower placed in front of your home because at these high frequencies you can have travel.

5G Radiation Dangers

Well, we need to understand it’s 24 gigahertz 290 gigahertz. These are not two feet these are 2 inches to half in it and this is very dense wireless radiation hitting our bodies. What we know is that it pulses more it got higher frequency more waves per second. It beats up the cells more let’s talk about today’s technology, what we have to go on today your phone is constantly sending electromagnetic fields.

All of our digital techs send this data back and forthright using these invisible microwave radiation signals. That’s today’s tech, we have every cell tower every router constantly pulsing with radiation whether or not you’re using it. Science shows that this causes DNA damage, cancer among other things but don’t take my word for it and that’s just with 4G that’s just with today’s technology.

Before we get the 5G right now we are getting some of it but exactly wireless radiation has biological effects period. 5G effects on body may include have DNA damage, cardiomyopathy which is the precursor of congestive heart failure neuropsychiatric. So, 5G is not a conversation about whether or not.

These biological 5G effects on body exist they clearly do 5g is a conversation about unsustainable healthcare expenditure. So, we are electromagnetic electrical organisms transmitters and receivers of information. When our electromagnetic fields are in balance in harmony, We have health, we have psychological health and we have physical health. The reason that this technological society is causing so much psychological & quite physical disease is because of these frequencies technologically-driven or living in this Wi-Fi world now and all this bone mass and all the rest of it.

5G is causing to cut down many trees in urban areas

These technologically generated frequencies are scrambling the balance of the human electric electromagnetic electrical communication systems. And if you scramble them you create a state of disharmony disease which plays through to physical and mental, emotional, psychological disease. There’s another point to this the brain processes information. Electrically, it communicates with a cellular structure. And it operates within a certain band of frequency. If you can broadcast frequencies carrying information.

5G Effects on body

This technology is long been known to carry information and perceptions within the frequency that the brain will decode those frequencies and we’ll have those perceptions that you can influence people’s perceptions externally by broadcasting these frequencies. That we interact with because we are antenna now some decades ago now there was a guy who worked out the frequencies of different emotional states. This is long ago, I mean it’s a very very sophisticated now so every thought every emotional response is a frequency. It generates a frequency and it is of itself a frequency.

Hate is a frequency and it’s different to love. You know, when you are in a room and there’s lots of aggression and conflict and hatred you feel it. What do people say oh god you can cut the atmosphere with a knife. In there that is because the frequencies of hate and conflicts have been so generated they have changed the electromagnetic field of the room. Okay, So 5G is going to be weaponized against us but the point being that they worked out the frequencies of various emotions including rage. What have you and basically they can play across a community these frequencies with anyone knowing.

And it starts to have an effect and rage starts to build anger and people might not realize why they’re feeling it. They start feeling and then what they do is they trigger that with an event. Maybe you know some guys attack by the police or something or somebody’s got arrested for its own ending come here and now that there’s the trigger. The blue touch paper has been lit of this manufactured frequency driven rage and you have mass riots and what have you and people do things?

They wouldn’t normally do and you can make people depressed you know that the American military, they’ve admitted this. They have technology that fires frequencies at the enemy that basically breaks the enemy’s spirit so they give up and put their weapons down. This is the technology we’re dealing with now.

You take that into account and then you think of 5g first of all 5g doesn’t travel well because of the nature of its frequency. So, Instead of big towers as we have now broadcasting these frequencies long distances, it won’t do that but it doesn’t go through solid objects what we call solid objects very well either so to overcome that there are going to box broad fasting 5g this weapon down every Street. All over the world, you’re talking phenomenal numbers of these boxes broadcasting like on the lamp, standard outside your children’s bedroom, and broadcasting this stuff.

5G health risk

There’s no way you’ll be able to go where you be in in a field of 5G. And, another interesting thing is I don’t know whether you’ve noticed this but the story broke first of all in Sheffield when the council started cutting down literally thousands and thousands and thousands of mature trees in urban streams.

And there were big protests about it.  you know Sheffield claimed to be a green city but all these mature trees were coming down thousands of them and one man who works as a call-out bus mechanic so a bus will break down they’ll call in will come around and fix it on.

The side of the road so he’s traveling all the time and he’s saying it’s amazing how many mature trees are being cut down. Now the worst nightmare of 5G in a street is mature trees because it can’t get through them. They don’t want urban trees for 5G because it won’t go through solid objects very well at all.

And, he doesn’t travel far so we’re gonna have this explosion of 5G transmitters and then going back to what I said earlier I’ve never admitted this, there’s gonna be like 20,000 satellites up there beaming 5G at the earth what is our exposure and in a day it’s not one cellphone its cellphones, it’s multiple wireless networks, it’s smart meters its cell towers, it’s this sandwich and it all adds up and this is a serious problem for occupational health Public Safety and personal safety.

And I feel that it’s irresponsible to be even talking about the Internet of Things in rolling out new untested technology when we’re not even measuring what are our current exposures from the current networks.

The frequency produced by 5G is gonna be very harmful

5G Network health concern

Every health experts are worried about potential 5G health risks associated with exposure to radiation from cellphone antennas. Cell phones emit low levels of radiofrequency energy or RF in 2011 the International Agency for research on cancer identified RF fields as quite possibly carcinogenic to humans.

A study in Sweden found that Swedes who talk to oversell or wireless phones for over 25 years were at three times the risk of developing glioma a brain tumor. That is often malignant than those who use them for less than a year.

And in March a large scale lifetime study of lab animals confirmed the link between cell tower radiation and cancer. The animals were exposed to levels legally permitted by the United States Federal Communications Commission. According to Dr. David Carpenter, director of the University of Albanese Institute for health and the environment they show a very significant increase in glioma and glioblastoma only on the side of the head where you use the cell phone regularly and increasing with risk and the longer you use it.

They also have some evidence that the younger you are when you start to use the cell phone the greater the risk. Carpenter said these risks can be avoided by using the speaker function or an earpiece and keeping the phone a short distance away from all parts of the body but the 5G rollout will effectively expose the entire population to dangerous effects. The rollout of 5g is very frightening because what this is going to do is place a mini cell tower every 300 meters along every residential street in the country.

And that’s going to mean that nobody is going to be able to escape the 5G radiation dangers that comes from those 5G devices if you walk down the sidewalk, if you live in a house where you’re going to be continuously exposed countries like China, Italy, India, and Russia have far more stringent regulations over cell tower radiation than the United States. Our regulators dominated by physicists and engineers and not health effects people ignore all of that evidence and therefore have standards that are totally unrealistic and out of date reporting in Washington.

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