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Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Depending on how you treat it,depression can also be good

So when I hear about any kind of mental health issue, anxiety or depression, I believe in them. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a mental health issue either with yourself or with somebody that you love. If you have depression, anxiety, stress disorder or any kind of mental health condition there’s no need to be ashamed of it. It’s nothing to hide and it’s something to hit head-on with.

There is one thing that if you did every single day it would make an extraordinary difference to overcome depression or any mental health issue you’re struggling with. And that is exercise. The reason why I say this is not based on my own personal experience, it’s based on the fact. Dr. John Ratey from The American Psychiatric Association said that and this is his area of expertise.

Exercise Is The Key

One of the things that they now mandate as a diagnosis for anybody with depression or anxiety or any mental illness frankly is you’ve got to do exercise. The reason you’ve to do exercise every day is that human beings, when physically move their physiology changes your brain, getting your heart rate up. Doing that physical push every day you don’t have to run or you don’t have to go to an aerobics class.

People with depression tend to have a hard time getting out of their physical environment. Get outside with your dog in the woods, walk with a good friend for two or three miles doing that every single day not only moves your body that changes your mind and helps you get out of your physical environment.

And it also creates a bit of momentum and a bit of a routine in your life. Get outside and exercise every single day, you take on that exercise like your life depends on it. Because you know what it does. Your brain needs it, your body needs it and your mental health needs it. It helps to overcome depression and be productive in a different way where you’re actually producing not in the world but producing within yourself.

overcome depression, mental health ,Depression , motivationandhappiness
Depression can be very bad

Producing strength, new insights, new ideas, new capabilities, new energies, new emotions and shifting from fear to love. When you go through difficult times, when you feel fear or pain you release it. It’s out of your system. If you’re having one of those dark days it’s okay to feel that darkness. If I start crying I don’t think I’ll never stop.

No matter what you are going through. If you’re going through a divorce, if you’re going through a financial problem, if you’re going through an illness or if you are going through any form of depression. I know you might not even want to get out of bed in the morning. It might be that bad.

Learn To Leverage Your Depression

Always remember that the depression comes and serve the person who knows how to use it as fuel. You have a choice. You can be a victim and let it take over you or  actually ask yourself how to use this time in the crisis. Because you know this dark times never last. The real question is: How can I take the most advantage of the pain? How can I leverage the darkness? How can I leverage and overcome depression? So it grows me, so it makes me stronger, so it makes me wiser, so it allows me to tap into the greatest virtues of humanity. Pain is always there because life is frickin pain.

But suffering is a choice and if you’ve got in your mind that people don’t understand, that’s okay they don’t. But you do you know darkness. You know evil but more importantly, you know good. You know light. You know laughter and love better than anyone. I remember the past and I learned from it.

I enjoy the present and I reimagine the future. If you are victimized by your thoughts you’re victimized by your past. Use your memories but never allow your memories to use yourself. The first thing is to recognize that depression or any mental disorder is not a punishment that it’s actually an opportunity. What most people do is pretend that it’s not theirs and pretend that it doesn’t exist or try and do something to avoid feeling it.

Trust Yourself

You have to trust that it was leading you to something greater. You have to remember that. The instrument for your greatest growth can be your pain. So embrace that darkness in those moments.  And five years or ten years from now when you look back on it you’ll see it as a pivotal moment in your development only.

overcome depression, mental health ,Depression , motivationandhappiness
It won’t stay forever

Don’t look away from it, don’t bury it in booze or in pills. Live your life, contain your life with physical exercise and with nature. With laughter and guitar and good memories and creativity and discipline, you can free yourself and move forward into the future. Because you know as you’re going through a difficult time right now I assure you the clouds will lift and right there is sunlight above the clouds.

You’re only taking a look at the clouds at the present time and they will go away. This situation has come to teach you a big lesson in life. You’re intended to figure out how to move to your next level in your life. There is an invisible hand to play whether or not you feel it.What you’re expecting right now is not good but remember that you are meant to sparkle. Incredible things are coming your way.

You are not average, the darkness will pass and you are meany to fly in life. You will run across disappointments you sure will. Well, you’ll run across things that happen in your life that are so wrong. But I have a saying “in the end everything will be okay and if it’s not okay it’s not the end.” When people ask ‘How are you?’ and when you answer I’m fine why do you hold back your pain. People don’t even look you in the eye. They don’t care.

Stop believing the lies you hear around you saying that you’re not pretty enough and no one is gonna want you. You’ll never ever do anything good in your life and the fear that we have is that we’re gonna be alone. Because you start thinking if they don’t like you then who will. If they don’t accept you then who will.

People Always Lie

I started believing that I was not good enough I started believing that I’ll never ever be somebody who people would like or people would accept. There are some things in life that are out of your control, that you can’t change and you got to live with the choice that we have. That is either to give up or keep on going.

overcome depression, mental health ,Depression , motivationandhappiness
Don’t believe in people’s lies

I want to ask you what are you gonna believe. Are you gonna believe in yourself? Are you gonna believe everybody else is a judgment on you or are you gonna overcome the fear? Are you gonna believe people when they say that you’re a fanger, no one really likes you or don’t really care about you. You don’t have to hold onto those fears or depression you just take one step at a time but to say that one day these beers are just going to completely disappear them.

Can you forgive those who hurt you because that’s what he wants? Does every time something good sit down will you make a decision. Picture yourself in an open area there are no buildings and there’s no shelter and there’s a storm of love you. And this storm represents the situations in your life you don’t tell anybody what you’re going through because first of all they won’t understand and second of all they can’t even help you anyway.

And you’re down on your knees and you’re cold and you feel like this is the end are you not still here but you are still here, alive. Don’t think that you have to do it alone but hold on to that person who you think might help you. Imagine them right now saying that they can’t stop the storm right but they will hold you and keep you until the storm passes and you overcome depression.

Because when they hold you the storm is still there but it’s okay. There are a few more away but I’ll tell you there are some times in life where you fall down. You will feel like you can’t get back up. But no give up the thought and get up. When you fail, try again. It’s not the end until you’ve given up. Just the fact that you’re here should persuade you that you have another chance to get back up and try.

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