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Mental Health Awareness Amid Lockdown

Is it Okay to Be Happy During the Pandemic?

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Mental health awareness

Health is always the priority and it should be. Our health determines how we lead our lives. We all know that Mental health has taken a different form in the lockdown. New insights into mental health awareness will help everyone see this situation differently.

Mental health is facing a rare time when most of the people in the world are going through the same emotion: fear. There are other emotions too, but fear is dominating all. This is the reason mental health awareness is compulsory now.

Where is this fear coming from?

We fear the unknown. The human mind needs things in control. When it comes face to face with the unknown, it assumes that it can’t control it. Hence, the fear. It is ‘the fear of the unknown’.

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The fear of the unknown shadows the comprehension of the known.

We don’t know the reason for the outbreak of COVID19. There are many theories. But, we don’t know which one is true.

We don’t know how long it will take to find the vaccine. We are not even sure if we will be able to find one.

We are unsure of how long we can keep ourselves uninfected. We worry about our loved ones’ lives.

We know that the world is going to change after this, but we don’t know, how. There’s no guarantee of jobs for many. The economy can take any route.

There are many things to worry about. So, it is normal to have fear of the unknown.

Happy in Lockdown

Let’s talk about those who are happy in lockdown.
People who needed rest from a long time or someone who loves sleeping are in hibernation mode.

Mental health awareness about happiness, happiness quotes, quotes about happiness, Sydney J. Harris quotes
“Happiness is a direction, not a place.” – Sydney J. Harris

Spending time with loved ones and pets has given new insights to many people. People are realizing they didn’t even know their own family members. Now, they are knowing them.

The people with anxiety have reported that they feel better. Though it might be temporary, it has given them a month and more of relief.

The whole ‘cleaning hand’ thing has been Christmas for the people with OCD. They can clean hands now without having cognitive dissonance about it.

In the hustle of the world, people had gained a lot but lost themselves. This time has been a gem for those who want to go in and find themselves.

Likewise, many other people are happy and cheerful because of the latest changes in lifestyle.

Is it Okay to be Happy during the Pandemic?

It’s not only okay to be happy during this crisis, it is necessary. It is the responsibility of everyone to change the mode of emotion right now. This is the high time we talk about mental health awareness.

The secrets to getting motivated lies all within the dimension of mental health awareness you have.

If we break down the cause of sadness around the globe, it will come to two things: guilt and fear. Let’s study them separately.

Guilt of being happy

Compassion, love, care, and sympathy are what makes us social animals. These are positive emotions. These traits help us understand others’ pain and suffering and act to resolve them. But sometimes, we don’t use them in the right way.

The number of coronavirus infected people is very less compared to the world population. The infected people are going through great pain, physically and mentally. So, it’s natural for others to feel for them.

Here, we have to differentiate between being sympathetic and being sad together. Mental health awareness helps distinguish them.

Being sympathetic is constructive. Sympathy seeks to resolve the issue.

Mental health awareness about sharing the sadness, sadness quotes, sharing the sadness quotes, M&H quotes
Sharing the sadness doesn’t necessarily mean caring for the person.

On the other hand, some of us share the sadness. It feels like caring for others. But, it doesn’t aid in resolving the issue.

‘Sharing the sadness’ is engraved in our cultural values. Mother worries for her children when they are in pain. Spouses share the sadness even the problem is personal to one. Friends cancel all the fun plans to be there for a sad friend.

Not sharing the pain feels like not being sympathetic. Not worrying for the loved ones feels like not loving them, not caring for them. The one who keeps joyful is considered insensitive and rude. Hence comes the guilt of being happy.

Happy not Guilty

How to motivate yourself for happiness?” is a smart, progressive and important question for now and always.

Everything is energy, so are emotions. Sadness is a negative emotion. When you share the sadness of another person, you are multiplying it. Meaning, more negative energy.

So, by sharing the sadness, you increased the negative energy around the loved one. It makes them harder to get out of the pain or the sorrow.

Be content, be the strength for the ones suffering. Be the pillar they can use for support when needed.

Be sensitive, be sincere, but maintain the positive energy inside you. Celebrate the victories of others, and be the healers of their wound.

Also, spread the mental health awareness regarding the power of positivity to help others. This is a powerful tool.

Mental health awareness about support, support quotes, help quotes, I'm here for you quotes, M&H quotes
“I’m here for you” is more powerful than “I’m worried about you”.

Don’t say, ‘I’m sad because you are sad’. Rather be the person who is able to say, ‘It’s okay. I’m here for you. We will get you out of this no matter what’.

This way, you maintained the positive energy in you and also extended it to the person. It gives them hope. It makes them know that there is someone, strong, for all the support they need.


As we discussed earlier, the fear of the unknown is the major emotion, globally. Since mass is sharing the fear, we allow ourselves to be fearful. This is guided by the concept that ‘if mass is doing it, it’s right’.

The uncertain and unknown is the part of our lives, every second of every minute. Even though we are never in control of our future, we have never given up.

Instead of fearing what tomorrow will bring, we go to sleep, wake up the next morning and give our best every day.

The current situation is no different in that sense. The context is different, that’s all. The nature of the uncertainty is as same as every other thing in our lives.

Letting the fear overpower us is giving up. Wake up every day, and give your best in whatever you do.

Believe that uncertainty is what allows us to grow in any dimension we choose. Raising the mental health awareness within strengthens the core of our being.

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“Pain is inevitable, misery is optional.” – Buddha

Buddha said, “pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice”. We can’t control what’s happening in the world, but we can definitely choose how we contribute. Choose whether you want to add to the suffering, fear, and sadness by losing to it or win over it and amplify the positive energy.

P.S.: We were Missing Out Before too

There are many people who don’t like listening to ‘it’s okay’ or ‘it is another form of reality’. Their argument would be, ‘how is it okay? What’s happening now is not normal. We are missing out so much.’

It’s true that we are forced to stay inside. It’s true that we are missing out on many things. But, it’s not true that we are missing out only now.

We have always missed many things in our lives.

We missed the party to finish our project. We missed our family time to complete the office presentation. We missed adventures and stayed back for children. We bargained our spiritual growth for career development.

We always miss something. Life is the same as before, only some elements of it have changed.

Learn to love yourself and you will be an asset for the ones around you.

Develop new skills to make use of those elements. Take charge and be the master of your destiny even in the worst of the times.


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