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Surviving is not Enough! Be Creative, Learn and Live.

How to lead a life during a crisis?

The foremost importance for any living being is to survive. So it is for human beings. All the basic needs such as food, shelter, clothes relate to survival. But, is surviving enough for the human being? How important is it for humans to be creative and to learn new things?

COVID 19 pandemic is the hottest topic now. Most of the world population is locked down at their own homes. If you search for ‘What should I do during the lockdown?’, you will find many suggestions for how to ‘kill’ your time. That’s a pity.

The human whose mind is capable of exploring the universe is searching for how to kill the time. So, here comes the answer, “No, survival is not enough”. We have come way far from the question of how to survive; we are living on this planet.

Yes, the problem we are facing now is a serious matter. But, it’s not the only problem that we have faced in our lives. The only difference is that the problems used to be personal or communal, now it is global. We have been fighting against the problems for centuries and we have won over them and advanced in the process. Then, why are we sleeping now? How did we allow a problem to be more than us?

The global nature of this pandemic has convinced the mass that, ‘since it is happening to everyone and everywhere, we are in a pause mode’. Unconsciously, we have convinced ourselves that the lives will be reset after this is over and we haven’t lost any time. In fact, we have a limited lifespan and all the time we sleep through this period will be subtracted from it.

The world we will transition to after this is over will not be the same as before and we don’t know whether for better or for worse. The best and most sensible thing we can now do is to wear the armor and be prepared for anything that comes.

Be prepared for the new world

We have had many great leaders who thrived in the period spent in prison. Prison fulfills the very basic needs of its inmates and still, they got out better than before from there. They teach us to make the best out of the worst from them.

Most importantly, we are at our homes and not in a prison. So, the first thing we need to do is get out of the prison of our own mind. Say a firm and loud ‘no’ when it tells you that you are a captive, because you are not. This time may be the best gift life has given you. Change your perception about it and you’ll see it.

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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

This period is a ‘wish come true’ on a large scale in human history. Children wished for their parents to spend time with them. Wives wished for their husband’s time, mothers wished for their children’s time. Job holders wished for a break where they wouldn’t have to think about their work. All their wishes have been granted, let’s be thankful for that.

Doing basic things are important. Spend your time on those things. Talk with your family, your friends, and those who you wanted to have long conversations with.

Play with your children, parents or siblings. Organize and clean your house. These things are essential to maintain personal and social life. But, that’s not enough, it has never been for us human. Profession and work is an integral part of our lives. Pausing this part can cause a great deal of loss in the future.

Be creative, it’s important!

The best way to solve any problem is by being creative. You not only solve the problem, you learn a new thing that no one could have taught you. Besides that, a creative person has a better chance of living a long life.

Wake up the artist in you

All of us have desires to learn new things which we were unable to do because of our busy schedule. Wake up the artist in you and give it a go. There are many online courses and videos on the internet for everything. Use them as resources.

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“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

If you don’t know what you want to learn, that’s okay. Find your hidden talents, try different things. You never know, a musician or a dancer or a chef or a painter or someone else might be hidden in you.


Books are treasures if recognized. They provide in-depth knowledge on any topic as well as improve vocabulary. Reading exercises your brain, strengthens mental abilities, and helps prevent age-related cognitive decline. It reduces stress, alleviates depression and prepares you for a good night’s sleep. Be wise in selecting what to read.

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“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

Read a lot of materials related to your profession. Read the biography of well-known people. Read about great ideas, it helps you dream big on your ideas and vision. Read fiction from time to time, it helps enhance your imagination power. The one that you should not forget is spiritual books. They open the new dimension of your perspectives and you start looking at your life from a different viewpoint.

Learn new language

The world is global. We are not only part of a small community or a country, instead, a part of the world now. Learning a new language expands your possibilities in many aspects. It provides better career choices, increases networking skills, and improves performance in the academic areas.

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“With language, you are at home anywhere.” – Edmund De Waal

Apart from that, it boosts brainpower, improves memory, and sharpens the mind. It enhances the ability to multitask and decision making.


Write anything, that’s what matters. Write in your notebook or start a blog. Writing is the best way to know what and how much you know.

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“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” – Jodi Picoult

Your piece doesn’t have to be grammatically right or look professional; it’s for you, not for the world. So, write anything you want. Once you start doing that, you will get the idea of what you want to write about. Write every day.

Learn new skills

Learn the skills for the basic things that are needed to function your house like, plumbing, electric repairing and so. You don’t have to be pro. Learn the basics of these things so that when things go south you can repair it on your own, or at least know what’s wrong. It will also be beneficial to know the price of things and services. It’s smart.

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“Skill will make you rich not theories.” – Robert Kiyosaki

You can also learn new skills that boost your profession. Those can be learning new software, training, or something digital about your work or business. Or, they can be of an entirely new domain. Learning skills of different domains helps you expand your mental capacity. It also functions as an option to grow in a new area. You can use them as backup to your main profession.

Personality development skills are always handy. You can always develop your personality to be the better version of you. Interpersonal and communication skills, organization, problem-solving, work ethics, integrity, self-confidence, and adaptability are some of the examples.

Grow more spiritual

There are very few things we do that are meaningful for a lifetime, spiritual practice is one of them. Find out who you really are. Reflect and know your value in this world.

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Spirituality quote

It helps to give clarity to your vision and plans. Choose any spiritual practice from the ocean of practices, and start doing it. You will not be the same after one month of practice.

The human mind searches for more than survival. Else, it gets boring. Mortality is inevitable, always. This is not the only time we are fighting death. So, why make this an excuse to sit and stop our growth? Use this precious gift of free time and be creative and productive.

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